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In the LetterStudio second- and third-year students of the kabk can follow courses (modules) about letters in the broadest sense of the word.
        This includes, but is not limited to, writing, type design, font production, font technology (including coding), and everything else that is, or could be part of the professions of the graphic designer, calligrapher, lettering artist, type designer, and font producer.


The spectrum offered is determined by the teachers and students, and the scope is not limited to the current developments in the professional field: future developments are, of course, also anticipated.
        The expertise of the teachers implies that different or even opposing opinions are represented, which guarantees the versatility of the course.


Students must enroll in modules that cover the areas they wish to explore. The duration of a module is about twelve sessions and two modules must be taken in one block (half a semester). It is mandatory to select modules that are different or even contradictory, i.e., represent opposing points of view and differing approaches. Selections must be substantiated and decisions made in consultation with the teachers.
        A list of the 2023–2024 course modules is available for download in pdf format.


Frank E. Blokland (coordinator)
Marina Chaccur
Edward Dżułaj (interim)
Peter Verheul
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